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We're Back with the Pro-Flip II! 
We had to go in a different direction as our Kickstarter campaign didn't raise enough funds.
It's costs approximately $28k per mold for the head of each of our flashlights. So, we've decided to try something different. We are Prototyping our heads in our brand new 3D Printers! So far everyone that's bought one has been very impressed with it. It's allowed us to branch out into headlights and spot/flood lights without breaking the bank! We appreciate each and every one of you that helps support our vision of the direction flashlights should evolve to! We are in the process of updating our site so please bear with us. The products page will reflect as many products as we can show you as of 11/29/2015. We will have more showing in the next few days!!! Thanks again, Sincerely Frank and Gary

Morphalite® Tactical Flashlights

Why settle for a SPOT of light, when you can have a WIDESCREEN light?

Ø Horizontal Beam Orientation…Tactical advantage-YOU!
Ø A WIDESCREEN light=Peripheral Vision in the Dark=Superior Depth Perception
Ø Better & more accurate targeting with hand guns
Ø Added bonus: Blinding all the bad guys at the same time
Ø Room Clearing
Ø Perimeter Security
Ø Situational Awareness
Ø Vertical Beam Orientation…Light from your toes to the sky!
Ø See all hazards on the Trail…simultaneously
Ø Easily see all Tripping & Slipping hazards
Ø Avoid those pesky low hanging, eye poking,  tree branches
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